About Us

Searching web sites offering past weather information can be a time consuming adventure.

Most do not provide the all encompassing archives needed in answering weather-related insurance claims questions. How windy was it…how much snow fell…how heavy was the rain.

Questions like these cannot always be easily found by scanning weather data from an airport that could be located miles away from your area of interest.

Many answers lay hidden in National Weather Service forecast and special weather statement documents, satellite/radar images, and numerous other sources that help paint a past weather picture accurately. Weather History Research retrieves precisely what you need from our extensive database and places it in an understandable format quickly. Results are then Emailed for fast delivery because time IS money.

Answering one weather-related question can many times lead to more. If questions arise in litigation that are not answered properly, a jury might be swayed one way or the other which obviously could be very costly.

Weather History Research wants you to be ready. If we see questions that should be addressed during report preparation…you will be alerted.

Company History:
Cliff NicholsonIn 1997, a forensic accident investigator friend of meteorologist Cliff Nicholson (pictured) tried to track down some weather while dealing with a claim. He became lost in the maze of weather resources and asked for guidance. The man and Cliff worked together on a few cases, and found the investigator’s colleagues needed help too. That was the beginning of Weather History Research, which quickly thrived. Customers around the country discovered the service and still use it today.

Cliff was a professional member of the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association and testified in court as an expert witness on numerous occasions.

Cliff passed away in early 2012 not long after retiring from successful careers in both broadcast and forensic meteorology. He is remembered fondly by family, viewers, colleagues, and clients. Cliff had already arranged to sell Weather History Research to fellow meteorologist Paul Poteet. The company lives on today, and strives to continue Cliff’s excellent service.