Fire Report Options

Fire Report Includes
Weather forecasts and advisories
Weather data site location map in relation to fire
Easy to understand summary of the day’s weather
Hourly temperature, humidity, wind, and precipitation
Contour vector map showing wind direction in the region

Weather plays an important role with fire. Temperature, wind velocity, precipitation, and humidity can all be friend or foe. For those battling a blaze or who must investigate the aftermath, knowing the atmospheric conditions are critical.

Example Investigation
In this case, there was a question about fire spread throughout a structure. Was the spread due to drafting from the wind or the placement of accelerants or a combination of both? Weather data had to be found near the fire location. Raw data can be confusing and misleading.
Raw Data

We take raw data and translate them into a viewable format. The format can include graphs, charts, and images that tell the weather story from beginning to end. In this case, gusty winds and dry weather were to blame for fanning the fire toward an area in question.

Fire Questions To Think About

Were pollutants from the smoke plume distributed widely or suppressed by rain, snow or light winds?
Did firefighters push the blaze into adjoining structures or did wind carry hot debris which caused further ignition?
Was the structural area dry and conducive to fire exacerbation or was the area damp and non-conducive to fire spread?

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